北京市工商行政管理局关于 进一步提高工商登记效率有关工作的通知















Notice of Beijing Administration for Industry and Commerce on Further Improving the Efficiency of Industry and Commerce Registration

Document of Beijing Administration for Industry and Commerce [2018] No. 12



To all district sub-bureaus and professional bureaus, sections and offices of BAIC, the General Audit Agency, all nonprofit organizations, all associations and all societies,

To further optimize the business environment of Beijing city, improve the efficiency of enterprise incorporation registration, and provide the applicants with convenient and efficient access service, we hereby decide to further integrate the administration for industry and commerce’s enterprise incorporation work. You are hereby notified of the relevant work as follows:

I. Integrate the process of industry and commerce registration and collecting the business licence. Enterprise name could be checked and selected by enterprises

Promote the pre-check model that allows the enterprise to check enterprise name by itself. Integrate the process of name confirmation and incorporation registration related to industry and commerce registration. Open the enterprise name database and support enterprises that meet the capital city’s functional positioning in such sectors as technology, culture, business service, sports to select their name online by themselves. After the enterprise name is searched through the system, enterprises could directly apply for incorporation registration in the range of Beijing city.

For enterprises that couldn’t pre-check the name by themselves at the moment,  integrate the process of name registration and incorporation registration together. Except for pre-approval items on industrial and commercial registration as required by laws and regulations, enterprises no longer need to collect the printed version of the name pre-approval notice at the administration for industry and commerce.

II. Build a unified online service platform and realize one-window incorporation service for enterprises

    “E-window” ( is established, enabling a convenient application route for enterprises. “E-window” platform provides a unified window for the applicants to go through business licence application, making the official seal and other procedure, avoiding the applicants from repeatedly handling with matters among different government websites. The invoices could be collected at the same time with collecting the business licence and official seal. Gradually optimize the enterprise data exchange mechanism among departments of industry and commerce, public security and taxation, realize information sharing and support the acceleration of internal approval of all departments.



Beijing Administration for Industry and Commerce

March 29, 2018