北京市市场监督管理局 北京市人力资源和社会保障局 北京住房公积金管理中心关于进一步提高企业开办效率优化企业员工参保流程的通知





















Regulation of Beijing Municipal Administration for Market Regulation,

Beijing Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and

Beijing Municipal Housing Provident Fund Management Center on Further Improving

the Efficiency of Starting a Business and Optimizing the Employees’ Social Security Participation Procedures

Jing Shi Jian Fa [2020] No. 21


The People’s Governments of all districts and all related departments of Beijing Municipality,

To deeply implement the spirit of the decision of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on deepening the business environment reform, the regulation on relevant work of pursuing world-class standards, continuously improving the efficiency of starting a business, and giving convenience to employees in social security participation is hereby issued as follows:

I. Work Objectives

Adhere to the needs of the masses as the basic starting point, deepen the online whole-process collaborative handling for starting a business, improve the “E-window” online service platform for starting a city-level business, enhance the integration, convenience and intelligence of the whole-process electronic service system, pursue world-class standards, and strive to create a stable, fair, transparent and predictable business environment. Take into full account the decentralized needs of the companies in subsequent employment, provide integrated services, free companies from separately logging onto the websites of social security, provident fund and other departments to submit employee information, and achieve online “one-window service”, on the basis of the realization of one-time application for starting a business.

II. Work Arrangements

For a company having employees at the time of establishment, the “E-window” platform has been able to collect employee information since February 2019, allowing the company to complete employee registration as soon as it is established. For a company hiring employees as per needs after establishment, the data collection for Five Insurances and Housing Fund is also incorporated into the “E-window” platform, and the registration takes effect immediately after the entry of employee information. No submission of paper materials or receipt of written certificates is required in employee information collection.

III. Work Requirements

1. Carry out publicity and training

Relevant departments should clearly indicate on their portals that employee information collection is included in the corresponding content of the “E-window” platform, and strive to improve policy awareness and participation. All district governments and relevant departments should properly conduct propaganda, interpret policies and give guidance from multiple angles and in various forms, and enhance the training of the government service window staff on service standards and specifications to effectively solve the last-mile problem for the implementation of business environment policies.

2. Strengthen overall coordination

The city-level and district-level special working teams should coordinate and advance the work related to further improving the efficiency of starting a business and optimizing the business environment, and strengthen communication and collaboration, to ensure that various reform measures are put in place. All departments should actively listen to the opinions and suggestions of companies and the public on the implementation of polices, form a social consensus, and continue to optimize Beijing’s business environment.

3. Ensure the implementation of work

All departments should effectively implement all facilitation measures, unify standards, models and time limits according to the requirements for procedures, time limits and costs in the process of reform, firmly honor all commitments to the society and strengthen the supervision and inspection of policy implantation.


Beijing Municipal Administration for Market Regulation

Beijing Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau

  Beijing Municipal Housing Provident Fund Management Center

   March 12, 2020